Benefits of Libgen Library Genesis’s eBooks

With the establishment of an e-reader, be it a kindle or a nook, there is a continuing discussion over whether reading is enhanced for young people–books or e-books. While all have benefits, book fans, parents and educators are split everywhere.

However, the pandemic has contributed to the proliferation of e-books, which have prompted the same parties to change their view on them. While nothing beats the scent of a brand-new paperback or the amazing view of books on a rack, it's fun to read a book any time – on your tablet, notebook, kindle, etc.

However, this takes one to the question: What is best for youth literature – a printed book or an e-book? I have assembled a list of three benefits and drawbacks of e-books in printed books after some investigation.


E-book benefits


1) They're not taking rooms.

One of the biggest advantages of e-books is that they take up little physical space. You or your child will hold a whole library in your wallet. This is good if you are planning to fly and have to keep your kids occupied for a few hours.

The choice to bring a library allows them countless opportunities to read, and the great thing is that you don't have to think about keeping up with the books – the one reader you have selected.

Another bonus of e-books is that you and your children will retain your book library. While there are not so many books, since e-books do not take physical space, you will be able to purchase more books without risk of one day missing them or (forbidden from heaven) being rid of them. Readers of all ages should revisit their favorite books anytime they feel like them.


2) Cheaper electronic book option.

Let's face it—books are pricey, and children can be voracious readers. Although hardback image books can cost between $5-$12, hardback books can cost between $15-$25. This is enough for a full gas tank or a good lunch in a restaurant!

E-books are a cheaper choice for those who are not interested in investing a lot on books. The $15-$20 hardback was all of a sudden $6-$10. The price gap between the two mediums is nuts!

This fact is helpful if children get into a series of books. If it is a paperback or a pricey hardback, the purchase of such books can be costly. However, you can purchase two or three e-books at a time to keep your children entertained.


3) To purchase an e-book you don't have to leave your home.

Another nice thing about e-books is you needn't leave your house to order it. Let's presume your teen has just finished the book and wants the next one in the series or their favorite author has just written a new book.

So, what is this? But what is this? The best library is on the other side of the city or you don't have the time to buy it. Don't be scared! Many websites and applications such as Amazon, Walmart, iBooks, Barnes and Noble, and Goodreads all have a feature to shop with a mouse click or finger touch.

The benefit of purchasing an e-book on a website or app is to have an unlimited supply, and you can purchase it in seconds. You now don't have the trouble to wait or think about the book being sold out.

The greatest thing of this entire scenario is that your teenager now has full access to the book and will proceed for the next installment.
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